Create Goals, Reflect, Document, Track and Report against personal learning experiences from Any Source aligned with Proficiencies and Standards specific to your school or learning network

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Connect learning from any source


With our advanced tools, create your portfolio with; 


Any online learning source

Any extended learning provider

Any offline learning activity

Any in-class learning event

Your school's standards & proficiencies

Your school's SIS systems

Your school's standards based grading system

Google Drive LMS Integration

Spanish Language Enabled (coming soon)


Simplify the number of resources that need to be managed both inside and outside of class for teacher, student, school and parent. 

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BUILD Flexible Learning portfolios


Learning happens all around us. With Protean capture that learning and align it with your school's proficiencies in real time, whether;




Independent & Hands-on

During an extended learning opportunity,

With a tutor, coach, mentor

During a job or internship

Even while on vacation

Supports images, text, voice, video from your Google Drive, or directly from our mobile app


Teachers, parents, mentors and peers can view, comment, recommend, and assess your learning as it occurs, from any source, in a single portfolio that stays with the student through their K12 journey.


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COMMUNICATE your learning


Automatic dynamic profiles show off student's unique personal pathways,


Track proficiencies and progress

Show off badges & credentials

Follow the learning of others

Create single-click reports including;

- Employability reports

- Master reflections

- Admissions Reports

Align, track, measure and report against any proficiency over time. 

Internship & Career Matchmaking Engine (coming soon)


Create a living resume of classroom, online and extracurricular achievements that dynamically tracks and updates your goals and proficiencies, to be shared with teachers, health care providers, employers and others with a single click. 


Why Protean?

Lives and grows with the student through the K16 learning journey

Captures a 360 degree view of learning for the teacher, parent, and student  

Advanced predictive analytics allow for proficiency tracking and trend analysis over time

Integrates extended learning with in-class learning seamlessly

Proficiency based assessment, Google Drive and SIS Integration

Featured content providers and Project  Based Learning Templates (Coming Soon)


"The shift towards proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning that currently is not being addressed by existing tools" - Penny Bishop, Director Tarrant Institute on Innovative Education

"The portfolio approach [as opposed to curriculum tools] to personal learning enables desired outcomes in a much more enduring way than was previously possible"  - James Nagle, Director, Middle Grades Institute.

"Gamification, badging, micro-credentialing and public profiles allow our students different options in how to communicate their portfolio with others in unique ways that keep them engaged longer than traditional EdTech solutions"  -  Gary Tilden, CTO



Chromebook optimized and available for tablet, desktop, or through our IOS and Android native apps. 


Currently we are pilot testing with hundreds of learners at partner schools as we collect surveys, testimonials and feedback on how Protean helps aggregate and communicate learning in a way that makes a difference in the learner's life.  Here are some of the testimonials we have received from educators and students;  

"Proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning.  Protean fills that void with a novel approach"

"[Protean] is an improvement on all PLP software I have tried in Vermont"

“ Protean’s “student centric” approach to the PLP, is a game changer"

” I'm very interested to see what other people thought of this because ... I love it"

“I think [Protean] is a huge improvement on the PLP process. It's simple, visually perfect, accessible, and has capacity for depth"

"As it pertains to [Personal Learning], Protean is an improvement in every way over [other] approaches"