A digital portfolio to create Goals, Reflect, Document, Track and Report against personal learning experiences from Any Source aligned with Proficiencies and Standards specific to your learning network

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Connect learning from any source

With our advanced tools, align your schools standards, sync with your existing online content, your school SIS, and full Google Drive integration in a single platform simplifies the number of resources that need to be managed both inside and outside of class. 


"The shift towards proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning that currently is not being addressed by existing tools" - Penny Bishop, Director Tarrant Institute on Innovative Education



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BUILD Flexible Learning portfolios

Capture your learning from ANY source, whether in-class, online, independent study,  during an extended learning opportunity, or with a tutor, coach, mentor or job internship.  

Teachers, parents and peers can view, comment, recommend, and assess your learning as it occurs, from any source, in a single portfolio that stays with the student through their K12 journey.

Parents can also view, comment and add items directly to their children's portfolio with our native mobile apps. 

"The portfolio approach to personal learning enables desired outcomes in a much more enduring way than was previously possible"  - James Nagle, Director, Middle Grades Institute.

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 COMMUNICATE your learning

Show off your personal pathway, creating a living resume of classroom, online and extracurricular achievements that dynamically tracks and updates your goals and proficiencies. Its your Linkedin for kids.

"Gamification, badging, micro-credentialing and public profiles allow our students different options in how to communicate their portfolio with others in unique ways that keep them engaged longer than traditional EdTech solutions"  -  Gary Tilden, CTO


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REPORT & CREATE Self Awareness

Our advanced reporting, standards based assessment,  and resume building tools allows educators, parents and students to produce visually attractive reports that promote self awareness and meta-cognition

Sort by goal, date, standard, grade, comment or audience. Whether for internal compliance, a student's senior thesis, a parent-teacher conference, or an internship application; turn your portfolio into an actionable report.  




Chromebook optimized and available for tablet, desktop, or through our IOS and Android native apps. 


Currently we are pilot testing with hundreds of learners at partner schools as we collect surveys, testimonials and feedback on how Protean helps aggregate and communicate learning in a way that makes a difference in the learner's life.  Here are some of the testimonials we have received from educators and students;  

"Proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning.  Protean fills that void with a novel approach"

"[Protean] is an improvement on all PLP software I have tried in Vermont"

“ Protean’s “student centric” approach to the PLP, is a game changer"

” I'm very interested to see what other people thought of this because ... I love it"

“I think [Protean] is a huge improvement on the PLP process. It's simple, visually perfect, accessible, and has capacity for depth"

"As it pertains to [Personal Learning], Protean is an improvement in every way over [other] approaches"