Harvard Just Validated The Protean Approach.

Harvard just proposed a radical new approach to college admissions and it sounds a great deal like the Protean approach to personal learning. 

When Protean was founded, we as a group of parents, technologist, students and education experts,  envisioned a student centric platform where students could capture, articulate, and reflect upon learning opportunities using evidence from the world around them in a patented and unique approach to the PLP.

For those of you who have seen our various product demos, you saw a world where a student not only engaged in classroom assignments but also tied academic/personal goals and standards to evidence of learnings from diverse activities outside of the classroom and online. The evidence informed a unique life experience, whether community service, internships, or personal family history,  which can now be linked to an academic standard or goal and reflected upon to demonstrate proficiency. 

As a result, using Protean, a student engaging the world around them can quickly identify their "natural" proficiencies, now reportable and trackable using the platform. 

In short, we envisioned a world that just now Harvard and others are validating.

In particular, the report has three specific recommendations to achieve their goals (Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/harvard-report-proposes-changes-to-college-admissions-2016-1)

1) Promoting more meaningful contributions to others, community service and engagement with the public good. 

With Protean, we not only capture those moments, students are asked to reflect on them and tie them to specific standards and goals. By doing so we create a track record that informs proficiency better than any grades could. And by working with our partners, we also build in established community values into the platform (Stay tuned).  

2) Assessing students’ ethical engagement and contributions to others in ways that reflect varying types of family and community contributions across race, culture and class. 

With Protean, student, community members and parents are the central players in setting goals and validating experiences across the platform and by doing so reinforce ethical learnings.   

3) Redefining achievement in ways that both level the playing field for economically diverse students and reduce excessive achievement pressure. 

With Protean we capture learning from any source. For youth in diverse communities, this means culturally specific learnings now become part of the process of meeting academic requirements and proficiencies. For example an economically diverse student who also works and contributes to the welfare of the family, can now demonstrate proficiencies in economics, math or other subjects by calling on specific evidence from that after school job in a way that now makes a difference.  

If the recommendations from Harvard and others are implemented, a student's Protean profile (stay tuned) would be as valuable, if not more, than grades in an admissions process. It doesn't get more personal than that.

Ali Sarafzade, Founder. 

Protean Team Members Present at "Personalized Learning In the Middle Grades " Conference.

Multiple Protean advisory team members did an amazing job presenting at the Ninth Annual Middle Grades Conference on Personalized Learning In the Middle Grades on Saturday January 9th, 2016 at the University of Vermont.

The conference offered a full day of events and workshops on the latest in personalized learning best practices from many of our advisory board members and contributors.

Check out the full agenda here: http://middlegradescollaborative.org/2016-conference-program.html

Protean Presents to Extended Learning Opportunities Working Group

Penny Bishop, co-Chair of the Protean Educational Advisory Group and co-chair of the Middle Grades Collaborative presented on the state of the PLP landscape in Vermont,  and in particular,  the no-cost availability of the Protean platform for use in Vermont schools.

We want to thank Heather Bouchey, Tom Alderman and Pat Fitzsimmons from the Vermont Agency of Education for also being available. Public sector enthusiasm of private sector innovations are at the heart of delivering better value to Vermonters and our students.

The presentation stressed Protean's unique approach to the PLP concept; a student-centric platform that grows and travels with the student, creating a living resume of the student's experiences over time aggregated into a single dashboard. 

In particular, the Protean platform received raves from the audience for its seamless integration of online, in-class and outside learning experiences into a student's learning pathway, in real time, for teachers, mentors and parents to see and interact with. 

The feedback and follow up from that event has been overwhelming,  and we are really excited to work closely with some of the participants at that event. Stay tuned for some exciting news!