Protean wraps up busy Spring and Summer

As we enter the fall I would like to share some of our great successes over the past year.

Protean is the winner of the 2017 TechJam selected from over 240 nominations and 7 finalists! 

Announcement of a new integrated assessment system and strategic partnership with Jump Rope the leading national standards based grading system.  We are proud to be partnering with Jump Rope and their 400 schools and looking forward to spreading the word about anytime-anywhere learning. 

A busy conference season with booths, student presentations or teacher presentations at Dynamic Landscapes, VTFest, LearnLaunch, PLPFair and others. At most of these events the attendance to Protean related panels  outnumbered attendance to any other competitor by a large margin showing the tremendous interest in our approach to proficiency based learning. 

The addition of our 50th school and expansion into Maine, NH, NYC, and new international schools. It has been amazing progress for only one year.  Welcome to the Protean family!  

The development of our proficiency based learning management system kicks off! With a release in 2018, we are rewriting what it means to be an LMS with a new student first approach that extends from the student portfolio out and lives with the student through their K16 journey empowering true anytime-anywhere learning, class management and assessment with predictive analytics and student achievement data that is deeper and more valuable than ever before.  More information coming soon. 

And as always our team of experts are out in the field speaking to Protean and the 3 pillars of personalized learning at national events, and in national publications at AMLE, ASCD, Google, Stanford Research Institute, with partners in Europe & Asia,  and other events. Thank you for your great work, insight, research, and publications!