Young Writers Project and Protean Announce Partnership

Young Writers Project and Protean announce partnership. 
Protean, a Vermont digital personalized learning platform solution, has announced a collaborative partnership with the Young Writers Project to be an exclusive content provider of online writing content for the Protean platform and its users. 
“Through the amazing work at Young Writers Project, our learners get a wealth of content expertise and online workshops that are seamlessly integrated into the student’s Protean account,” said Ali Rezza Sarafzade, Founder, Protean. 
The partnership will include the ability to push specific evidence of work completed on the Young Writers Project main site or on its online workshops directly into the student’s Protean Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for the teachers to see and integrate into their proficiency-based learning approach. 
“True personalization in learning requires that students not only have access to content expertise, but the ability to integrate those online experiences into their existing learning pathway, reflect on it, and have it counted.”  James Nagle, Co-Director, Middle Grades Collaborative, and Protean Advisor. 
“Over 2000 of our students currently use YWP online tools outside of school.  A truly effective Proficiency Based Learning approach recognizes that students learn in complex ways, including through online tools, and in their free time. With Protean, we can now bring that out-of-class experience to bear on the in-class experience in a seamless way for YWP, and other content partners.” said Sarafzade.
“For a decade, Young Writers Project has worked with youths online – on their own time or as part of their school classroom experience – and we’re excited that Protean can give youths a way to track and share the work – and learning – they accomplish outside of school,” Geoffrey Gevalt, Executive Director and Founder of Young Writers Project. “With our new and unique online workshops in writing and digital media, this collaboration is a perfect fit that will benefit young people everywhere.”
Protean, a patent pending approach to personalized learning, allows a student to integrate learnings from any source directly into their Protean PLP for teachers, students, mentors and other stakeholders to engage with. Protean will be made available for free to all Vermont schools through the Middle Grades Collaborative this fall.

Young Writers Project is a 501c3 nonprofit helps young people develop the confidence and communication skills needed to succeed and shape their world. It does so through a free vibrant online community,, where 2,000 youths from Vermont and beyond share work, give each other feedback and revise work for publication. YWP publishes best work – writing, images and digital stories – of about 1,000 youths a year with 25+ media and web partners. In the fall of 2016, YWP will be providing additional online, project-based workshops for youths for a modest fee with full scholarships available. YWP was founded in 2006 with a two-year grant from the Vermont Business Roundtable.  

Contact: Geoffrey Gevalt,, or call 802-324-9537 

Protean is a Vermont based edtech software company with a patent-pending digital personalized learning platform that enables students to build proficiency based learning portfolios from the world around them. Protean connects students, parents, mentors, teachers and others to the unique personal learning journey of each student in real time. For more information visit