Protean Announces Partnership with Middle Grades Collaborative


Middle Grades Collaborative Announces Partnership with Protean for Development of a Personalized Learning Solution for Vermont Schools.

Burlington, Vermont - December 3, 2015.

The Middle Grades Collaborative is proud to announce a partnership with Protean, a Vermont based education software company, for the development of a personalized learning platform free of charge for Vermont students, teachers and schools.

Protean offers students a way to set personalized learning goals, manage learning within and outside of school, reflect on that learning, and convey it to teachers, families, and mentors in accessible ways.

Protean was co-developed with leadership and expertise from the Middle Grades Collaborative to respond to the changing needs of Vermont’s students and educators. The platform will be beta tested in Vermont schools this winter by teachers, students, administrators and leaders active in the use of personalized learning pathways.

Protean was founded by a group of policy experts, educators and technologists who were frustrated with the inability of existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to accommodate a more personalized approach to education.

“Learning happens all around us and with Protean we can now capture those learnings to demonstrate proficiency over time, and from any source”, says Mark Oettinger, former General Counsel of the Vermont Department Education and one of the Co-Founders of Protean.

The platform is student centric and designed to grow with the student through their K-16 education by integrating in-class with after-school, internship, extracurricular activities and job training experiences in a single platform.  Protean allows students to demonstrate their proficiency, resulting in a student  “proficiency profile” that grows with them.

“Personalized Learning is misunderstood by many. It is not about customizing course selection or tweaking a grading system. It is about creating and capturing the holistic experiences of a student through goal setting, linking to those experiences, and reflecting on them, to demonstrate proficiency, in reportable and sortable ways.” says James Nagle, Co-Director, Middle Grades Collaborative.

The Middle Grades Collaborative will provide this platform, free of charge, to Vermont schools. Protean anticipates the platform will be available for August 2016 release to support participating schools in Vermont. To become a participating school or teacher, please send an email to

“We at the Middle Grades Collaborative are thrilled to advance the personalized and proficiency-based learning movement in Vermont with this dynamic and robust tool. Because we are continually informing the development of the platform, we are confident that Protean will address the existing and emerging needs for a personalized learning solution for teachers and students in our schools,” offered Penny Bishop, Co-Director, Middle Grades Collaborative.

About Protean. Protean is a cloud based digital personalized learning platform that documents and aggregates online, extracurricular, in-class and community based learnings into a single dashboard for student, teacher and parent. Protean is headquartered in Burlington Vermont with offices in Hyderabad, Montreal and Brooklyn. For more information on Protean please visit

About the Middle Grades Collaborative. The Middle Grades Collaborative offers support, professional development and policy expertise for Vermont’s middle grade educators. MGC provides an annual Middle Grades Summer Institute, annual Middle Grades Conference, and edits a peer-reviewed journal, Middle Grades Review. The Middle Grades Review provides a forum for critical perspectives and debate within the field of middle grades education.  For more information, please visit


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