Protean Presents to Extended Learning Opportunities Working Group

Penny Bishop, co-Chair of the Protean Educational Advisory Group and co-chair of the Middle Grades Collaborative presented on the state of the PLP landscape in Vermont,  and in particular,  the no-cost availability of the Protean platform for use in Vermont schools.

We want to thank Heather Bouchey, Tom Alderman and Pat Fitzsimmons from the Vermont Agency of Education for also being available. Public sector enthusiasm of private sector innovations are at the heart of delivering better value to Vermonters and our students.

The presentation stressed Protean's unique approach to the PLP concept; a student-centric platform that grows and travels with the student, creating a living resume of the student's experiences over time aggregated into a single dashboard. 

In particular, the Protean platform received raves from the audience for its seamless integration of online, in-class and outside learning experiences into a student's learning pathway, in real time, for teachers, mentors and parents to see and interact with. 

The feedback and follow up from that event has been overwhelming,  and we are really excited to work closely with some of the participants at that event. Stay tuned for some exciting news!